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Llandeilo Fawr Town Council

The Town Council is an elected body responsible for local government within Llandeilo town. It represents the interests of the town in the provision of local services and liases with other bodies involved in local government - Carmarthenshire County Council, the Welsh Government and the U.K. Government (links open in a new window).

What we do

The Town Council represents the opinions of Llandeilo people in all matters with particular interest in:

  • transport matters – traffic problems, car parking

  • economic development – supporting shops and businesses

  • environmental matters - such as dog fouling, street lighting, footpaths

  • community projects – like our festivals and celebrations

  • leisure, the arts and recreation

The Town Council receives funding primarily via the County Council through its precept - the annual allowance that sets the budget for the provision of services. The Town Council may raise additional funds through loans or grants for special projects - such as the Town Enhancement Scheme.

The Town Council has the main responsibility for:

  • maintenance of footpaths

  • maintenance of some street lights

  • provision of Christmas lights.

The Town Council owns the Shire Hall – bought with a loan and currently leased out to the Dyfed Archaeological Trust.

The Town Council gives grants each year to organisations such as:

  • St Teilo’s church to help with floodlighting and maintenance of the graveyard

  • local festivals

  • schools and youth groups

  • local charities and clubs

  • any other local or national organisations whose work will benefit our townspeople

The Council considers applications for funding, under Section 137 of the Local Government Act, four times a year. The maximum we can spend is currently £5 for every elector, in each financial year. Any individuals or organisations whose project will be of some benefit to Llandeilo people are very welcome to apply – we positively encourage more to do so. Applications should be made in writing to the Town Clerk, should include a balance sheet of income and expenses for the past financial year, where applicable, and should clearly describe the benefits.

Council Fact Sheet in PDF format (opens in a new window)


What we don’t do

Responsibility for services is divided between the various councils. Carmarthenshire County Council is responsible for:

  • Education

  • Social services

  • Housing

  • Planning applications

  • Public transport

  • Highways

  • Waste collection and recycling

  • Police

  • and many other things

If you need assistance with any of the above, you should contact Carmarthenshire County Council (link opens in a new window) on 01267 234567.


The Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct)(Wales) Order 2008

Llandeilo Fawr Town Council has adopted the Model Code of Conduct (opens in a new window) and all members have signed statutory Undertakings to comply with the provisions of the Code. We keep a Declaration of Interests book which members sign whenever a relevant interest comes up for discussion.

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Llandeilo Fawr Town Council adopted the "Model Publication Scheme for Local Councils" produced in accordance with section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and registered a Declaration to publish information in accordance with that scheme.

Model Publication Scheme (opens in a new window)

Information available from Llandeilo Fawr Town Council under the model publication scheme (opens in a new window)

Welsh Language Policy

In 2004 Llandeilo Fawr Town Council agreed a policy to increase the bilingual element of the council’s work with the Welsh Language Board (opens in a new window).

Standing Orders

Standing Orders in PDF format (opens in a new window).


Equal Opportunities Policy

The Council's Equal Opportunities Policy in PDF format (opens in a new window).


Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy in PDF format (opens in a new window).


Internal Controls

Internal Controls Document in PDF format (opens in a new window).


Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations in PDF format (opens in a new window).


Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure in PDF format (opens in a new window).



Footpath Annual Report

Mr DI Davies, the Council's Technical Officer has compiled a report on the status of the footpaths in Llandeilo. It can be read in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking here. (Opens in a new window).


The Councillors and Staff

Council Meetings and Notices



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